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We realise it is a confusing picture so for clarity we have taken the following stand. On January 4th we were given the details of the latest lockdown and the view at the time was that Fishing in any form was banned. On 6th we were told that "LOCAL" fishing was now possible. For more information please copy and paste this.............

We now need to establish what the term local means and following discussions among NDPC committee members we decided our boats can go out, as long as we practice social distancing, take full responsibility for keeping ourselves and others safe and do not travel more than 5 miles for our fishing. We issued guideline on June 6th (see below) and if you stay within those rules we should be able to continue. I will keep you posted and if we need to review our position we will not hesitate. Booking will be through Phil Cotton in the normal way and in the meantime please stay safe and unless you are completely comfortable with our guidelines then please stay at home.


The boat is on berth 88 at Somerleyton Marina NR32 5QW. Drive down to the end of the track to the right of the slipway and the boat is moored about halfway along the last jetty/dolphin. You can off load your gear at the end of the track and bring your car back to the car park (office area). Please ensure your NDPC sticker is displayed clearly in your car. We advise you use a petrol engine here as the tides can be strong and an electric engine may struggle.

The new mooring provides access to the lower Waveney and the St. Olaves to Reedham cut.

Please book with Phil in the usual manner 01508 578701

Onwards and upwards we go......


We have again gained access to BRIDGE LAKE at Lenwade for bank fishing only. Currently no lure fishing is allowed but live and dead baits are. If you want to live bait you must catch them on site and NOT transfer livebaits from another water. To use the facility please ring Phil Cotton in the normal way. Please remember to take along your club membership and your rod licence as the owner/bailiff may well ask you to produce them.

NEW Covid-19 Update 18th June 2020.  

We are now able to allow members to use the club boats.

       There are some recommendations about how our boats should be used/managed          to reduce risks of Covid-19 transmission.


  1. You should observe the national social distancing guidelines and only share a boat with a member of your household or ‘social bubble’.
  2. Keep your distance - follow the 2m rule.
  3. If you feel you are at risk you must make the decision whether to go fishing or not.
  4. Club members must take responsibility for their own safety and take the recommended precautions.
  5. Do not put yourself or others at risk.
  6. Take sanitiser wipes - or sterilant and a cloth - to clean contact points. Contact points include, Oars, Gunwales, Seats, Transom and Locks
  7. Do not put yourself in a position where you may need to be rescued. Do not go out if highwinds are predicted (>20mph). 
  8. Remember to observe social distancing with respect to members of the public who may be present around the mooring site

      There are a couple of recommendations that  apply specifically to Sportsmans               Broad at the request of the landlords:-


  1. Sanitise the Locks on the hut and gate at Sportsman’s Broad
  2. Sanitise the contact areas of the mud weights.
  3. Do not deposit urine in the Broad or its surroundings.


      These recommendations are to help ensure that risk of virus transmission to                   members is kept to a minimum. Please ensure that you follow them.


       Please book boats in the usual way with Phil Cotton.


     Covid-19 Update. Our club year starts from May 1st but for obvious reasons            there are no boats going out at the moment. As soon as things change we will        update our position. The committee has a responsibility both to its members          and to the club so we do need to do the right thing. We have decided to offer      members a one off opportunity to join or rejoin the club at a special rate.

To look at our offer and the Join Us page click HERE .

The most important thing for all of us is to STAY SAFE.

Hoveton Great Broad Fish Barriers.The EA have opened a consultation exercise regarding the biomanipulation of Hoveton Great Broad. This is potentially detrimental to the spawning of Bream on the entire Northern Section of the Broads. Obviously if there are insufficient bream in the system the pike fishing will suffer. Please contribute to the consultation exercise before the 17thFebruary 2020. The link is... 



Fish In on the Trinity Broads Complex.We have arranged a ‘fish in’ on the Trinity Broads Complex at Ormesby/Filby for Sunday 1stMarch 2020. The cost will be £20 per angler and will include a meal at Filby Bridge Restaurant. This will be an any method (except Live Bait) event with up to Two rods per angler allowed. All fishing will be from Boats. If you would like to take part please

Contact Phil Cotton on 01508 578701. 

Please note there are limited places available.


Norfolk Tackle Fair. This is a new event , which will take place on Sunday 29th March 2020, at Easton and Otley College near Norwich. The club will have a stand there. If you would like to help contact myself or Phil Cotton. If you can please support this event as it would be good to get a Fishing show established in our area. The link for information is :-

As I get more information I will try to keep you informed.


New Year Fish at Beccles. Due to popular demand we have organised a get together on Sunday 26th January 2020. This will be a bank fishing event. The format will be a one rod, roving event using lures or wobbled baits. The event will include a meal after the fishing at the Wherry Public House Geldeston and will cost only £20 per angler including the meal.

Please contact Phil Cotton on 01508 578701 by Friday 17th to confirm your place. Further details will be sent to participants nearer the event. Should be a good one......

Christmas Fish in with Lunch. We have organised our normal Christmas fish in on Saturday December 28th on the Trinity Broads. Any Method allowed (including Live baiting as long as the fish are caught on the day), lures or dead baits.

Limited places available so I suggest you book it soon.

The cost is just £20 including lunch at the Filby Bridge Restaurant.

To book, please ring Phil Cotton 01508 578701 in the normal way.

New Mooring on the Waveney. A boat is now available at Rowancraft Marina at Geldeston.

Available in the normal way from Phil Cotton. There are currently restrictions on access above the metal foot bridge at Geldeston Lock so for up to date details check with Phil.

Fishfinders A Presentation of how to get the most out of Fishfinder/ Sonars will be made by Andy Carpenter and I for one will be the first in line. Many of us now own one but how many can honestly say they are getting the most from them. Well now is your chance to get right up to date with this dark art. Monday 2nd December 8pm at the Angel PH see you there.

TWO new bank fishing opportunities for you. Both Station Lake, Lenwade and Bridge Lake Lenwade are open to all member until the end of the season. Bank fishing only and Bridge Lake also includes a stretch of river. Book with Phil in the normal way and he will give you further details. These lakes are not often pike fished so we have no idea of the real potential but David Rose knows them well and they definitely have both produced good fish in the past.

P.A.C Coaching Day. N.D.P.C. in conjunction with P.A.C.G.B. will be running our third coaching day for young people on Sunday 24th February 2019. The venue is Taverham Mill fishery near Norwich and is free to participants. It is aimed at young people 8 to 16 years old. This will concetrate on trace making, unhooking pike and Wobbling (sink and draw) methods. It will be led by fully qualified angling coaches. Contact John Currie on 07776221959.


Fish In on the Trinity System The club are once again organising a 'Fish In' on the Trinity broads system for Sunday 17th February 2019. This will be a boat fishing event with all methods except live baiting allowed. There are limited spaces available. The cost is only £20 per angler and will include a meal at the Filby Bridge Restaurant. If you wish to attend please contact Phil Cotton in the normal way on 01508 578701 to reserve your place. Further information will be sent to you nearer the date.


CLOSE SEASON? A Chance to have your say, is it a good thing or bad?

Click on this link to offer your opinion and vote on the subject


TRAINING DAY......We have another training day for Juniors (age 6 to 16). We are concentrating here on Dead Bait techniques and fish handling. Its at Taverham Mill Lake on Sunday 25th November 2018. Ring John Currie for more details 07776221959.

The course is completely free and the level of coaching will be top class


SUMMER PIKING.....The recent soaring temperatures have raised the question once again. Should we really be fishing for pike when conditions suggest that some of the fish caught will not survive. Many experienced pike anglers and most environmentalists agree that pike fishing in hot weather will often end badly for the pike. The science is clear for all to see and although it is an individual choice, we as a Pike club have a clear resonsibility to offer guidance and recommendations for those who want to continue.

We will not issue a blanket ban on summer piking as we trust our members

but please think about the risks involved and follow these simple guidelines.

Firstly think about where you are fishing. Shallow broads are obviously more effected and particularly those that have little or no tidal flow.

Try to avoid bait fishing and if you do want to use fish baits please restrict yourselves to one rod. The likelyhood of deep hooking a pike must increase when you use multi-rod set ups.

Try to unhook fish in the water, especially when air temperatures are high. Please refrain from weighing fish and taking pictures of all fish and keeping pike in sacks is never a good idea but in the summer months it can be fatal.

If you are new to piking please ask an experienced angler to show you properly how to handle and unhook pike and preferrably even wait until the weather cools off a bit.

Bad fish handling in summer months kills more pike than any number of otters. So in a nutshell if you feel you must fish for pike in the summer, think about your approach and act responsibly so we can all enjoy many more years of great pike fishing in the best natural environment in the UK.

The Pike of Broadland deserves better.


Here is an article from John Currie, Top man at the P.A.C 

"It's time for the summer’s favourite angling topic on forum, pubs, cafes and anywhere anglers gather summer piking". Do you or don't you?

This article is been written to counter the various key board warriors who promote warm water piking on the Broads and dismiss all other counter opinions. They also conveniently have no science to back up there claims but a good deal of venom when challenged.

This  is not an attack on anyone who chooses to pike fish in warm water conditions it's more of a chance for them to read a science backed article to encourage them to perhaps have a rethink!

I'm not trying to say it’s dangerous to  pike fish in the summer in deep northern waters or anywhere that has no problems with low do levels or summer pike fatalities.

In Norfolk we have over 800 hire craft cruisers who plough up and down the broads system bringing in much needed tourism money. They also bring in a huge amount of casual anglers. A lot of these visitors will be trying out fishing for the first time with tackle bought on impulse at the local shop, it could be woefully incapable of handling a decent pike and pike mortalities are common .It's easy to suggest they could Google some info on what to do and some will do that, but on the whole they just want to expand on there leisure time and catch some fish. Sadly when they encounter the teeth and a fish bigger than the cod at the chip shop panic ensues. Cutting the line is the commonest option or running for help and advice, so normally we have a dead pike. We also have the component anglers who has paid for there holiday and will pike fish even though he has factor 50 on his skin and is weak in the heat. We will also have the lads who just don't think there is a problem with fishing in warm water.

So all in all a vast amount of pressure on a declining pike.

I will be referencing various papers and they will all be mentioned at the bottom of the article, I hope you find time to read them.

So to start the favourite reason summer pikers use is they fight better in the summer. They also use up much more energy in doing so than they do in cooler water conditions .This stress can be fatal, or at the very least cause the pike distress that can affect its growth rates and have a negative influence on egg reproduction.

They will also be placed back in water that could be dangerously low in dissolved oxygen; a common quote is I held it in the margin till it swam away strongly. The shallows margins which would be lowest in do levels!

That’s another favourite they all swim away strongly. Professors  Marika Gale and Robert Arlinghaus have used the same expression during various trials on stressed fish, Roberts papers show pike taking up to 72 hours to die after exertion, these fish were been monitored and observed.

Both scientists strongly advise not to fish in warm water conditions.

We also hear of none of these pike dying and the summer piker telling us he has never had one go belly up. oh yes and loads of recapture. Sorry but how do we know about regular recaptures unless its photo evidenced or the fish is easy to recognise, I agree that is applicable in the winter as well but we don’t see the mortalities we see in the summer so not really applicable.

If you don't fancy wading through the papers, and I can understand why, I will give you a key finding. The papers point out all fish have a species specific , thermal preferanda, which means for instance pike have a temperature range where they are at there best. They can and do survive out of that range but it is clear as water heats up they take longer to recover after the stress of being caught .Couple that with possible bad handling, low do and the chances of mortality are higher. Sub lethal affects are as already mentioned are decreased growth rates, less eggs in females. Behavioural changes in physiological parameters is more problematic at temperatures at the higher end of the species thermal tolerance range .Stressors can be hard to recover from at these higher temperatures

The Chinese paper clearly shows higher temperatures and exertion do not end well for the pike. Hepatic glycogen decreases with higher temperatures; hepatic glycogen basically gives the pike energy. So your hard fighting summer fish is taking far more out of itself in the fight compared to winter. Acid phosphates and alkaline phosphates are weakened in the hepatopanceros when water, temperatures are increased. Once again not great for our hard fighting summer pike.

The netting paper clearly shows pike mortality increases when water temperature increases.

In e mail discussions with various other fisheries scientists it has been mentioned we need to know more about the affects of some common algae on pike. It has been mooted these could also be weakening them in summer. I passed this theory by professors at the John nines centre and Norwich Science Park who pointed out no papers existed on the subject but it was possible and plausible.

So please when Jo down the pub tells you it's safe to fish for Pike in warm water conditions please ask him to contact me with any proof he has that it is. Basically he is basing his opinion on never seen his pike going belly up and them scientists blokes are full of crap!. I could end with some average temperatures it is worth taking note of but my fear is the problems are not so precise to a decree or 2 so I would prefer you weigh all the above up and do not fish in warm water conditions.




STOP PRESS.....The latest addition to our offer is another boat on the Bure. We already have Ranworth, Horning and Wroxham and now we are proud to announce we have covered the river by taking a Mooring at Coltishall, this is a great location and takes you through to Horstead Mill where I cut my teeth pike fishing. Down stream takes you to Belaugh and beyond. For location and booking talk to Phil Cotton. I think there will be a rush for this one. 

STOP PRESS.....For anyone interested, it is the Bi-Anual L.A.S. Conference on Saturday April 21st and Its called LUREFAIR 2018 at the Nuffield Sports Centre Rickmansworth, WD3 4HF. There are some great attractions and the NDPC will once again be promoting pike fishing on the broads. Hopefully we will see you there


STOP PRESS.....We have arranged a "Fish In" at Fritton Lake for Sunday 29th October 2017. Meet at 8am and start at 9am until 2pm.

Refreshments provided afterward at the Marquee on site.

The cost for the day is £20.00 per angler (including the grub).

There are limited places available

so please book ASAP with Phil Cotton in the usual way 01508 578701

Tight Lines


 STOP PRESS.......We have arranged another open evening at Avenue Angling Beccles

All tackle will offered at a discount of at least 20% (excluding bait). This offer is for members only but we can take new memberships or renewals on the night. Avenue Angling will also take in decent tackle for part exchange or cash. The event is on September 21st between 6.30 and 9pm. Light refreshments will be available and it will offer a great opportunity to meet other members and support our main sponsor who have given us fantastic support over many years. So do yourself a favour and grab yourself a bargain for the new season.

The Postcode is NR34 7TE



STOP PRESS......THe 40th Anniversary P.A.C. Convention is on Saturday 30th September 2017, once again its at the

Kettering Conference Centre,

Thurston Drive,


NN15 6PB.

The list of Guest Speakers include Dave Horton  Phil Turton and Sie Blades and with Trade Stands and a chance to chat to most of the movers and shapers of the Pike Fishing scene in the UK this is a day you really should not miss....We will once again be promoting our club and signing up renewals and new mambers alike.....hope to see you there for a great day.



STOP PRESS....Our First Guest speaker for 2017 was the legendary Mr Martyn Page. In his normal modest fashion Martyn called his talk "The Incomplete Angler"....Martyn needs no introduction....Tackle dealer, Author and great pike angler, it was another terrific night. "Thanks for your support Martin"


  (Click  HERE for graphics)




 STOP PRESS.....Avenue Angling and the club have organised a special club night at their Ellough Store near Beccles NR34 7TE. Its on Thursday 29th September between 6 and 9.30pm.  At least 20% Discount from RRP off all items and up to 65% discount on selected predator tackle. Great Discounts on Shimano, Diawa, and many other makes. A great selection of deadbaits including Turbo Smelts. We are also arranging "TRADE INs" on the night so bring along your un-loved rods, reels and alarms or anything other tackle you wish to upgrade. Avenue Angling have been our best trade supporter over the years and we once again thank them for their continued support. The evening is strictly NDPC members only, but we can take new applications for membership and renewals on the night. We look forward to seeing both new and existing members on the 29th. Refreshment provided.


STOP PRESS....We have just secured yet another new mooring at Ranworth. Its a fabulous spot at "The Granary" Malthouse Broad NR13 6HY...Please book it with Phil in the normal way.

Onwards & Upwards

STOP PRESS....We have just secured a mooring at Upton Dyke and at the same time we have purchased yet another 14ft Sea Strike that will fit the bill nicely. This gives you great access to the Bure around the Thurne Mouth area and is a welcome addition to our growing fleet.


STOP PRESS.......Just upgraded one of the Sportsman boats to Aluminium and at the same time secured a 3rd boat at Filby.....onwards and upwards we go.


STOP PRESS.....We have just taken a mooring at Rockland Staithe and installed the 14 Sea Strike back where it belongs. So if you want to fish Rockland Broad or the main river Bure at Brundall or "The Golden Mile" area just give Phil Cotton a call 


JASON DAVIES....Our final guest speaker for 2015 was none other than JASON DAVIES. On Monday 7th December at the Angel PH  Jason gave us a fascinating insight into his fishing career. Not only fish with sharp teeth either. Jason's obvious ability to succeed in so many strands of our sport was extremely impressive. Plenty of 30lb pike along the way obviously but speciman Perch, Zander, Carp, Tench and Barbel have all fell to his efforts. Even Porbeagle Shark made an appearance with a series of films showing how these magnificent creatures can be tamed on rod and line. I should also make the point that all proceeds were to our Prymnesium Appeal with Jason refusing even expenses for his efforts.

A very interesting man and a great angler. Thanks Jason




  STEPHEN HARPER.....The Pike fishing legend that is STEPHEN HARPER was our guest speaker on October 5th. A genuine son of the Broads, Steve has a wealth of experience fishing all over the UK and beyond. In recent years he has produced many of the best Angling books available and as "HARPER FINE ANGLING BOOKS" has set new standards in artwork and production. Steve had a few of his great books for sale and it was a brilliant evening.........


STOP PRESS.....Two more boats have just been introduced. The first is moored at the Kings Head PH Wroxham and the second at the Pleasure Boat Inn at Hickling. So that gives us two boats on both the Bure and the mighty Thurne systems.

To book either just give Phil Cotton a call.


DAVE PUGH..... our last guest speaker of 2014 was the legendary lure angler Dave Pugh. It was a great turnout on a cold night and I know from the members reactions and the number of books Dave sold that this was a very well recieved presentation.
Dave's talk was called "LURE FISHING FOR BAIT ANGLERS" and I for one thought it was excellent and as a keen lure angler myself the amount I picked up from the discussions has certainly opened up possibilities for me in all sorts of ways.






Much of Dave's phenomenal success has been from the rivers Severn and Warwickshire Avon, where since 1989 his results with both Pike and Zander on Lures is the stuff of Legend. For the last 12 years in particular Dave has concentrated almost solely on Lures. Dave's recent book "Lure fishing Presentation and Strategy" has rightly been acclaimed throughout the Pike fishing world. The book is completely experienced based with none of the daft theories often seen in books about Lure Fishing. Dave believes that fishing with lures is not at all complicated, but it takes time and a lot of effort to put everything together, building enough experience to be confident at catching with lures every time you go out. The theme of the talk was to give us a start and talk about how fishing with lures can help predator anglers who normally fish for pike with live and dead baits improve results in their home waters......... A great talk and our thanks to Dave & Seb Sheldon for making it possible.



BROADLAND APPEAL......You must have seen the press releases, so those who wish to support the PAC appeal please send cheques to Brian Birdsall 3 Hough End Crescent Bramley Leeds LS13 4RU, made payable to P.A.C. Broads Appeal, or make a donation through paypal at   Thank you for your support. We need to keep the pressure on the governing bodies on the subject of Prymnesium. A series of grants (which have now stopped) enabled us to employ world renowned expert Johaness Hagstrom and his findings highlight the very real danger to the upper Thurne fishery if another major "bloom" occurs. It is now left to us to raise the additional funds necassary to complete this research and save this fantasic water from a potential disaster, effecting fishing and in the broader sense tourism in general. We must act now and any help you can give will be hugely appreciated.


STOP PRESS.....Continuing our policy of upgrading our boats. Oulton Broad is the latest boat to be renewed. Its another 14ft Seastrike Aluminium beauty and its already up, running and available for club members. To book it out just give Phil Cotton a ring.


PAYPAL now available 

Due to popular demand, we have introduced paypal to make it even easier for members to join or re-join our club. Simply send your £55 fee to my personal paypal account on and mark on your application form "Paid by paypal" and we will do the rest. Please ensure you put your own details with the payment (and not just your "nickname"). So now you have no excuse at all to join the best club in pike fishing and make 2015 the year you really take advantage of some of the best fishing in Britain. 




As you know our close season on the broads is from March 14th to June 16th so the majority of boats will not be available. However for those who want to bank a few specimans during this three month period we still have two venues where fishing is still open for business.

Taverham Mill Lakes offer bank fishing for any species on all four lakes (not the river)


Fritton Lake offers you a boat fishing opportunity for those who prefer their fishing from afloat. 


Tight Lines for those who like their spring fishing





STEVE RODWELL (RODDERS) was our special guest on March 3rd....and dispite a few technical gremlins Steves attitude to catching big pike shone through and showed why he is one of the most successful pikers in the modern era.





The British Carp & Angling Show was on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January at

The Royal Norfolk Show Ground in Norwich.

Once again the club promoted Pike Fishing on the Broads

The NDPC team did a brilliant job again and the club was  rightly praised for its efforts. 



On Monday December 2nd MARK BARRETT was our guest speaker






Mark is well known to all of us for his all round angling knowledge and experience. He features in weekly and monthly fishing magazines and has a succession of well recieved books.

His presentation was enjoyed by everyone!  Not just for his pike fishing exploits but his all round angling experience fishing for Carp, perch,Tench, Zander and Rudd......great night.




STOP PRESS We have just secured pike fishing rights for the Taverham Mill complex in Norwich. Fishing is all the year round and with four lakes and some river access this is a really exciting aquisition. You must book through Phil Cotton as usual and there are a maximum of two anglers at any one time. Members must always carry their NDPC membership card as you may well be asked to produce them. This is a bank fishing opportunity to suit all pike angler on waters that are seldom targeted for pike. The waters have all produced big fish. I for one will be giving it a go when the water cools down a bit. The waters are one mile of the river at Taverham Mill, the three pits that make up Costessey pits 1,2 and 3 known locally as "The Ski Pit" "The Greenhouse Pit" and "Number 3"


STOP PRESS The long awaited "BROADLAND PIKE" DVD...."Catching and Conservation" is now available take a look on youtube


STOP PRESS Exciting news on our boat fishing page, with new boats and new moorings being announced for the coming season. We have installed new boats on Oulton Broad and Fritton lake.

Heres the Boat at Fritton Lake




On Monday January 7th 2013 Neville Fickling was our guest speaker

Neville needed no introduction as suffice to say he has caught more big pike in the UK than any other piker in history. The presentation plotted Neville's fantastic career spanning a few months short of 50 years of catching Pike and a very good turn out witnessed Neville in great form, top bloke, terrific night and very inspiring pictures of massive pike.











On Monday 3rd December the legend that is Dave Horton presented


25 years of piking - The Highlights

A couple of statistics that illustrate why Dave is rated so highly. More than 22 thirty pounders from ten different waters and twenty pound pike from ten different rivers....What a Piker! 

The talk was entertaining and inspirational 

Thanks Dave for a fantastic night 
















On Monday 5th November we welcomed Denis Moules

Denis created a night of entertainment, Chronicling a lifetime in the sport

 a Fenland angler who has few equals

Thank you Denis we all enjoyed it enormously









. . . Killer shrimp is now a real threat on the Broads - please remember to "Check Clean Dry" without fail . . .

A typical Broads scene from our staithe at Ormesby broad

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