Norwich and District Pike Club

Ormesby Broad

We now have six boats moored at the Sportsman's Staithe in Ormesby St Michael. Paid-up club members may use these boats without further payment and one of these boats is also available for non-members to hire at a daily rate of £40.

Our hire boats are Dory style GRP dingys and GRP Trout water boats (originally at Grafham water), please click here for a photograph. They accommodate a maximum of two anglers, come with their own oars and mud-weights and will accept your own electric engine if you wish. Please note that local bye-laws prohibit the use of petrol or diesel engines on the Trinity Broads system.

The north-east corner of the Broad is designated as a protected area for wintering wildfowl from 1 October until the following 31 March. It is a condition of our licence to fish this Broad that we respect this designation and keep out of the protected area after 30 September each season. The protected area is marked with green dots on this map of the Broad.

IMPORTANT No 1 - Looking from the road, all vehicles must be parked to the left of the concrete posts. Please do not park to the right or attempt to drive to the double gates to unload or load up.

IMPORTANT No 2 - it is essential that the padlocks and chain on the gates to the Staithe are always affixed in a "daisy chain" configuration so that the other key holders can lock and unlock the gates at all times. Please click here to see what we mean by a daisy chain configuration - ours is the black Squire combination lock.

If you are a non-member and wish to hire this boat, you will first need to apply for Day Membership of Norwich and District Pike Club - please click here for an application form. The daily rate is £40 and application forms need to arrive at least seven calendar days in advance of the day required. If your application is approved, you may be accompanied by another non-member on the day of your booking. If you have any questions about availability, please call Philip Cotton on 01508 578701 first to check.

But hang on a minute - if the daily rate for a non-member to hire this boat is £40 and club membership for the whole season costs just £90 with nothing further to pay when using any of the club's boats, then surely this is a "no-brainer" and I know what I'll be doing straight away ...

Please click here for details of how to join Norwich and District Pike Club. Our membership year runs from September 1st - August 31st where the membership fee is just £90 (under 16s free).

When you fish the broad we are asking you to help us with the EA Pike Tagging project. Please take a leaflet (see picture below) and check any pike for small yellow tags in two places. You will need a pen and be asked to make a note of the number. The forms are very clear and will help us all to understand the water better. Your co-operation is appreciated.



Staithe and boats at Ormesby

Here are a few winter scenes from this special place (courtesy of Mickey Cox)