Invasive Species

Killer Shrimp

The presence of an invasive non-native species of shrimp has been confirmed within the Broads system.

What is is? – This is a highly invasive non-native species of shrimp (dikerogrammerus villosus) also known as the “killer shrimp” which has spread from areas of the Black and Caspian Sea basins in Eastern Europe since the early 90s. It is a threat to a range of native species, including young fish and damsel flies, and significantly alters ecosystems. However, there is no known risk to public health or domestic pets.

How do I identify it? – Adults are up to 30mm which is big compared to native shrimps. It may be striped or have uniformed patterns and has large mouth parts.

What should I do to help prevent the spread of this problem? – Please follow the three principles of the “Check Clean Dry” campaign – click here for more details.