No summer Pike fishing

The club committee have decided that Pike fishing will be NOT be allowed from Norwich and District Pike Club facilities until the 1st October. This means that the club rules will now be amended to reflect that in future no Pike fishing will be permitted from club facilities between 16th June and 30th September each year. There is extensive information that shows that Pike suffer from being caught during the warmer months. Although they may not appear in distress at the time of capture, they may come to harm in the hours afterwards. We do want to look after our Pike to ensure there are fish to be caught in the future.

Secondly, on the Trinity Broads system (Filby, Ormesby Little Broad, Jerusalem Bay, Eels Foot Broad, Lily/Lady Broad and Rollesby Broad) no lure fishing or live baiting (with fish) for other species such as Perch will be allowed between 16th June and 30th September each year from club boats. This has been brought in because there have been disputes with stakeholders about whether members are fishing for Pike during the summer months and the best way to avoid confusion is to ban the use of lures and live fish baits until the 1st October.

This does not apply to Sportsman’s Broad, however the ban on pike fishing remains.

Perch may still be targeted using other natural baits, but not artificial lures or live fish.

Please respect these rule changes, otherwise the committee will be forced to discipline any members who are found to be in breach. Penalties may include being banned from the club.

It is important that we are seen to be responsible, not least because we do not want to loose the ability to have boats on this system.

If you have any issues or concerns with this decision please contact:

Club Chairman, John Currie (tel. 07776 221959, email